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Riri Group Expands Portfolio with New Metal Trims Company

A new acquisition helps expand Swiss trims company Riri Group’s capabilities and the apparel sectors it serves.

The button and zipper company recently launched Cobrax Metal Hub—a new company formed from its acquisition of Italian metal accessories company 2Frame—that specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of metal components for the luxury and haute couture sector.

It’s a strategic move that bodes well for apparel brands. Along with offering Riri’s traditional range of zips and buttons, Cobrax will serve as a single contact point for any metal accessories needs, including various types of fastenings, padlocks, snap hooks and buckles.

The addition of Cobra Metal Hub also puts Riri Group in the heart of the Tuscan fashion district and leather sector.

“Thanks to Cobrax Metal Hub, the Riri Group has become the first sole supplier of accessories for the leatherwear sector,” said Renato Usoni, Riri Group CEO. “It is a project intended to add value and increase the company’s ability to serve its market, providing increasingly comprehensive and tailor-made answers, bearing witness to a vision whereby investing in the future is the best response to the scenarios, more complex than ever before, with which the whole market is confronted today.”

The move comes after Riri Group began embracing various post-pandemic consumer trends: In August, the company shifted its sights onto the athleisure and outdoor sectors, focusing on elements such as performance, resistance and durability.