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Inside Rivet’s Summer Issue

The summer issue of Rivet celebrates the progressive steps denim companies are taking to ensure that they are not only conducting business responsibly, but also having a positive, long-lasting impact on both the planet and the people enmeshed in their supply chains.

From programs that help elevate the voices of underrepresented groups, to initiatives put in place to provide healthcare, education and financial assistance to those in need, the denim industry is leaning into the fabric’s democratic allure.

The latest issue of Rivet examines the progressive steps denim companies are taking to have a positive impact on people and the planet.Download the issue to read:

Green Market
The latest denim collections usher in a new era of sustainable design and manufacturing.

Good Business
Leaders in the denim supply chain step up to support their employees and local communities.

The Big Green Apple
The new denim wardrobe is as sustainable as ever.

Don’t Call It a Comeback
New York City’s fashion and retail sectors are ready to navigate life after the coronavirus.

Words Into Actions
Has the industry kept its promises to last year’s Black Lives Matter movement?

Public Critique
To cancel or not to cancel? Consumers feel more empowered than ever to take brands to task.

People + Planet
Intersectional environmentalism—what does it mean for the denim industry?

Be Good
In an age of conscious consumerism, B Corp certification has become the standard to strive for.

Glo-Cal Knowledge
Can global producers usher in L.A.’s denim revival?

And more…

Click here to download the issue.