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Brands Are Taking a Second Look at Twitter

Denim evolves with the times. Social media and sustainability are two key topics influencing the industry’s growth, while some denim brands are venturing into new (and profitable) directions.

This week’s denim reads include thoughtful features regarding new marketing opportunities for luxury brands, sustainable fashion’s diversity problem and how a denim company is building an intimate apparel empire.

Why Are Luxury Brands Advertising on Twitter?

Twitter may be the new luxury hot spot. Business of Fashion helped explain why a growing number of luxury brands—Hermes, Balenciaga, Cartier—are turning to Twitter to promote their products, and a lot of it has to do with the social media site’s targeted audience of young, wealthy consumers. Read more here.

Sustainable Fashion Has a Diversity Problem. Here’s How I’m Helping to Fix It.

What does it mean to be sustainable in 2020? Teen Vogue’s new series, #FashionCrisis, talked with sustainable fashion blogger Aditi Mayer to find out. Mayer makes it a point to champion a diverse set of sustainable designers and create content about “opting out of a culture that makes you feel like you constantly need to buy more.” Learn more about her movement here.

Aerie Aims to Be $3 Billion Brand

Aerie, the intimates line owned by American Eagle Outfitters, is reaching high. Despite other intimates brands struggling in the current economy, Aerie is set to reach its lofty goal of $1 billion—and it’s raising its target to $3 billion. See how it’s planning to hit that goal here.

Bella Hadid Channeled the Early 2000s in an All-Denim Outfit

“It” girl and denim aficionado Bella Hadid was photographed in an all-denim outfit designed by Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week. The look included baggy cargo jeans, a denim shirt buttoned only at the collar and a $2,550 denim trench coat layered on top. See the full look here.