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Denim Reads: Why Designers May Be More Political During This Fashion Month

While it may still feel like summer in many parts of the world, September is traditionally a time for the fashion industry to be renewed with new collections and ideas. In this week’s Denim Reads, our favorite articles examine how designers and influencers may use Fashion Week as a platform to speak out about climate change and social issues, how the denim supply chain is cleaning up its act and 12 ways denim heads can spruce up their wardrobe for fall.

Are My Denim Jeans Bad for the Environment?

Denim doesn’t hide from the fact that it is a dirty industry. In this interview with “Inconspicuous Consumption” author Tatiana Schlossberg, Eco Watch examines how companies in the denim supply chain are cracking down on waste and usage of chemicals and natural resources. Click here to read the entire article.

Immigration! Influencers! Climate Change! What to Expect This Fashion Month

With social and environment issues top of mind, Vanessa Friedman, fashion director and critic for The New York Times, peers into her crystal ball to see how these topical trends may affect fashion month kicking off this week in New York City. Click here to read Friedman’s article.

Jeans Retailer Becomes First Major Russian Brand to Feature Hijab-Wearing Model

Gloria Jeans became the first retailer in Moscow to feature a model in a hijab in its recent ad campaign titled “Just be yourself.” The Moscow Times looks at how hijabs have become more visible in Western advertising in recent fashion campaigns. Click here to read The Moscow Times’ article.

12 Denim Pieces to Add Some Weight to Your Fall Wardrobe

Oversized shirts, chore jackets and natural colorways are among the denim items that streetwear curator Highsnobiety vouches for this fall. The publication even makes a case for jean shorts made with heavy weight fabrics. Click here to see Highsnobiety’s list.