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Saturday Night Live Offers a Cheeky Look for Men’s Jeans

Denim is rooted in pop culture. We compiled the best denim reads of the week that highlight how jeans went from being a garment for outsiders and freethinkers to sparking new retail concepts with staying power, and even inspiring comedic spoofs.

SNL’s Cheeky Fake Ad for Jeans Has More Will Ferrell Butt Cleavage Than You Can Handle

From mom jeans to “woke” brands and more, Saturday Night Live has a history of poking fun at denim styles—and the joke continues. A new sketch available online features SNL alum Will Ferrell in a pair of Wrangler’s “Peekaboo” jeans designed for men to show butt cleavage. The style doesn’t exist—yet. Read more here.

How Haight St. Hippie Style Became a Levi’s Sensation

In the 1960s, San Francisco was the destination for the psychedelic revolution. The city is also home to Levi’s, a denim brand constantly pulling inspiration from its surroundings. When a designer saw a pair of custom Levi’s with a slit down the side and a paisley triangle print stitched on, the brand decided to turn it into a style sensation. Read more about the evolution here.

From Field to Shelf—Sustainability is Fast Fashion’s Achilles Heel

Environmental impact and worker well-being are two aspects of sustainability that are often overlooked when creating fast fashion. As the push for sustainability continues, consumers are steering away from companies they know aren’t up to industry standards. Learn more here.

How Temporary Pop-Ups Became a Permanent Strategy

Pop-up stores, which used to be an activation to drive sales, have now become the norm as a result of store closures and hesitant retailers. The retail strategy has taken over especially with younger generations, who typically prioritize experiences and share their excitement on social media. Learn more about the expanding concept of pop-ups here.