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YKK Unveils New Action Plan to Address Climate Change

YKK Corporation has 2025 in focus.

The trims supplier announced the launch of YKK Group Environmental Vision 2050, a company-wide initiative to move toward “a brighter future for nature and humanity,” in response to the need for environmental actions on a global scale.

Through Environmental Vision, YKK aims to define the long-term direction for environmental initiatives that the entire YKK Group must take in order to realize a higher level of environmental management. The benchmarks were determined through workshops conducted with employees, as well as from the results of an employee survey conducted in YKK’s six global regions. The program will go into effect in April 2021.

The goals reinforce the company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices. To address climate change, YKK said it will work to “reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, including CO2, and adapt to climate change.” To conserve water, it is taking actions to reduce the volume of its water intake. And since the YKK Group uses various types of raw materials, the company said it will act “to maximize effective utilization of non-renewable resources” and take initiatives to recycle the waste materials generated throughout the entire life cycle of its products.

The Environmental Vision is the culmination of a series of sustainable innovations. Last month, YKK introduced GreenRise, the industry’s first plant-derived zipper. Additional sustainable products from the brand include organic cotton zipper tape, and a line of environmentally friendly snaps and buttons using a new finishing process that reduces thermal energy, water usage, toxic chemicals and waste.