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Fashion’s Evolution Mirrors Changes in Gender Roles and Office Etiquette

The evolution of the workplace, the ever-changing definition of gender and the romanticizing of the past all have a unique effect on society. And fashion updates according to each societal movement.

This week’s denim reads take into account the rise of biker boots as a symbol of feminism, freelancers’ ironic adoption of modest office attire, and history and fashion resale’s role in today’s top styles.

The ‘Alpha Female’ Look is Big in China. Brands Take Note.

A denimhead favorite, Dr. Martens are a statement piece that carry a rebellious connotation. In China, the classic footwear brand experienced record growth—it tripled its 2019 year-over-year retail sales—and has become a staple among a group of women looking to rattle the definition of femininity. Check out the popular style here.

The Return of the Yuppie

The young professional—or yuppie—aesthetic has always been associated with office-friendly, modest attire. Recently, the style has been spotted beyond the confines of the workplace. WWD reported on the ironic trend that’s sweeping the creative industries and celebrating the “golfer dad with a skateboard” look. Read more here.

‘Levi Strauss: A History of American Style’ Opens

Culling inspiration from the past is a tried and true technique in fashion—especially for brands with as much history as Levi’s. The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco just opened a new exhibit, Levi Strauss: A History of American Style. Complete with 250 items from Levi’s archives, the exhibit tracks the brand’s role in the evolution of the blue jean. Learn more about the installation here.

So, You Want to Shop Resale in 2020?

As consumers become more concerned with their carbon footprint and purge their closets on a seasonal basis, the case for resale grows. Fashionista outlined the appeal of the category, as well as the top digital and brick-and-mortar destinations. Dive into the depths of resale here.