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Meet the Top 50 Movers and Shakers In the Denim Industry In 2019

Rivet is pleased to announced the 2019 Rivet 50.

Rivet 50 serves an index of the most creative and forward-thinking leaders driving change in the global denim marketplace. And this year, those individuals were nominated and chosen by the denim industry. More than 6,000 online votes determined who made the list.

The 2019 Rivet 50 includes industry veterans who have spent their entire careers collecting, designing and innovating denim, and leaders in retail who are adding newness and excitement to consumers’ shopping experiences.

The 2019 Rivet 50 list also includes a crop of fresh faces who started their denim journey just as sustainability came to the fore. They’ve eagerly made it their mission to advance better practices and they intend to carry that torch in the years to come.

Visit the Rivet 50 microsite here to check out who made the list. Or, grab a copy of the new Rivet magazine this week at Kingpins Amsterdam.

Special thank you to Rivet 50 sponsor Cotton Inc.