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A Look at BluProjects’ Mission to Clean Up Denim

For BluProjects standing out in the denim industry has been a lot about its passion for cleaner denim production. And that passion, coupled with a collaborative approach to fixing what’s broken in the denim-making process, plus a dedication to design and value added product, have made BluProjects a force in the sector.

The Turkey-based consulting firm is driven by creating solutions for making the denim industry more responsible, making sure companies take ownership of their harmful practices and offering viable solutions to fix them. The firm has made it a mission to stress the importance of sustainability and responsible fashion as means to a cleaner tomorrow.

The big fix for the industry, according to BluProjects, can only be achieved through creative collaboration between like-minded companies and individuals who realize that producing better is much more important than producing more.

Carved in Blue caught up with BluProjects’ Sinem Celik to learn about the company’s mission to improve the denim supply chain, giving denim “leftovers” a second life, and why a favorite pair of jeans is like a best friend.

Read the full interview at Carved in Blue.

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