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Alessia Rosso’s Coral Denim Overalls by Diesel Were a Mood

Throwback photos stir up laughs, memories and—for denim heads—a wealth of vintage denim inspiration. This weekly column on Rivet asks individuals in the denim industry to take a look back and reminisce about a denim moment in time captured on film.

This week, we’re featuring Diesel’s marketing manager of North America, Alessia Rosso. The daughter of Diesel founder Renzo Rosso, Alessia grew up in Italy in a household that centered on denim. She told Rivet about her unique childhood that included many international elements and ultimately led her to where she is today.

Alessia Rosso, marketing manager, Diesel North America

Growing up as a child was a little different from anyone else my age.

I grew up in a small town where everybody knew one another: the butcher, the baker, the postman, the restaurant owner and local newsstand. You knew there was only one good park to go and play, a couple of spots where teenagers would hang out and show off their modified scooters, the one “piadineria” (sandwich shop) where you would go after school for a snack. This was a routine that you would repeat every day until you become of age, got your driver’s license and started exploring the cities nearby.

Because Diesel was already an established brand when I was born, I also got an international experience. My father would take my brothers and I to crazy events and clubs even though we were definitely not of drinking age, which was quite an eye-opener compared to the small-town charms we were used to. Hearing a variety of different languages spoken and people with crazy-colored hair quickly became my new normal.

The beauty of Diesel is that ingrained in the brand is the sense of community and family you share with the people you see every day at work. In this picture, I am modeling for a Diesel Kids line along with other children of Diesel employees. We were always game to help one another with the little resources we had in order to create something great.