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The Evolution of Bella Hadid’s Denim Style

Bella Hadid may be designers’ go-to closer for their runway shows, but when it comes to her personal style, the model and influencer marches to the beat of her own eclectic drum.

Like many ingénues before her, Hadid opted for black formal looks and basic skinny jeans for her first public appearances in 2014. However, she quickly revealed herself to be adventurous dresser, especially with denim.

She fearlessly channels ’90s supermodel fashion one day with slim jeans, bright blazers and heaps of gold accessories, and skater-boy fashion the next, complete with graphic long-sleeve tees, wide-leg jeans and padlocks necklaces. Other times, she combines the aesthetics, pairing a Chanel top with knee-bearing wide jeans and chunky sneakers.

Bra tops and crop tops are a Hadid signature, seen under everything from an organza Trucker jacket, to personalized denim jackets. The tops are part of Hadid’s ’90s kid-style that she often sports, including cropped wide-leg jeans, retro sneakers and choker necklaces.

And whereas sister Gigi opts for more classic and vintage denim, Hadid veers toward subversive looks. Denim bustiers, leather details and cutout tops are key items in Hadid’s wardrobe, as well as jeans with lacing details and bold zipper closures. The focus on hardware is carried into the utility looks she frequently wears, like baggy cargo pants and vests.

Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid Beretta/Sims/Shutterstock

Most of all, Hadid is known to commit to a look.

As the spokesperson for True Religion in 2018, she helped put the brand’s signature horse shoe stitching back in the limelight by wearing the jeans to high-profile events. Her hair was styled in a bouffant when she wore a retro-inspired stretch denim moto dress. When she wore a backless top reminiscent of late ’90s pop stars, she topped off the look with wide-leg jeans and tiny sunglasses.

And recently at Paris Fashion Week, Hadid confirmed her love for oversized denim by wearing a voluminous shearling-line denim coat with long jeans and an upsized denim shirt to the Balenciaga show.