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Blogger’s View: Heard It From Heddels

The self-proclaimed motto at Heddels is a dedication to help people find “things that are authentic, useful and lasting.” David Shuck, the managing editor at, knows that denim can fit those criteria—if its treated right. Shuck’s writing, as well as his Instagram presence, are emblematic of his philosophy surrounding apparel: garments, like style, should be built right and built to last.

Carved in Blue: How do you define sustainability?

David: Sustainability is different for both producers and consumers. I’d define sustainability as manufacturing practices that have no net loss or even a net benefit to the environment and resources they consume. This affects the entire supply chain, so a logging company for example, would have to do more than just plant a tree for every one they cut down but also take into account all the fuel used by chainsaws, transport trucks, etc. as well as the metal in the blades and the food and water consumed by their workers. There are many finite resources on this planet and many industries use far more than they return, a sustainable business takes responsibility for everything they use in the creation of their product and works to replace it.

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