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Blue Cast: Marci Zaroff on Styling a Sustainable Fashion Industry

Sustainability has become a ubiquitous topic in fashion today, but it wasn’t always.

One of the pioneers to envision an improved industry was entrepreneur Marci Zaroff. Marci originated and trademarked the term “ecofashion” in 1995. In the mid-‘90s, she also discovered TENCEL™ fibers and began using them in her collections. During the most recent episode of our Blue Cast podcast series commemorating our 30th anniversary, Marci shared her earliest memories of TENCEL™ and spoke about her sustainable work in the industry.

“I want to style the world of change and change the world of style,” she said. “And I want to give back and I want to serve not just human and environmental wellness and farmer and worker welfare, but future generations, like my children.”

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