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Blue Cast: Bluezone’s Panos Sofianos Shares His Denim Philosophy

The denim industry has taken time to warm to the idea of sustainability, but some industry figures caught on to fashion’s ecological future ahead of their peers.

In the most recent episode of Lenzing’s Blue Cast podcast, Michael Kininmonth from the TENCEL™ Denim team caught up with his longtime friend Panos Sofianos, sustainable denim strategist and denim innovation curator at Bluezone Show. Michael describes Panos as a “deep thinker” in denim. Throughout his four decades in the field, Panos has collaborated with a number of the industry’s powerhouse brands such as Diesel and Levi Strauss & Co., as well as working at leading mills such as Spain’s Tejidos Royo and Hellenic Fabrics in Greece.

Panos was an early advocate for environmentally conscious concepts. “I had the sensibility to foresee that this could be the main issue for the future. I think it was an intuition that I had,” he explained.

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