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Blue Cast: Jeanologia’s Enrique Silla on the Family Business & Fashion’s ‘Biggest Lie’

Enrique Silla has lived a life filled with denim. He came from a textile family, and has early memories of the scent of cotton and indigo on looms. Family also played a key role in establishing his business Jeanologia, which he co-founded with his late uncle Jose “Pepe” Vidal Royo in the 1990s. A particular passion for him is laundry, such as washing and finishing.

“It’s a family thing; it’s something that I have in blood that has been transmitted by my family—the passion for denim, for textiles, and very specially for laundry,” he said. “The laundry is where denim is transformed from a raw product into a beautiful thing.”

Enrique joined Lenzing’s Michael Kininmonth for the latest episode of our Blue Cast podcast, as part of our series celebrating the 30th anniversary of TENCEL™. The two have known each other since 1995, when Michael was a new hire at TENCEL™, then owned by Courtaulds. Michael’s first business trip was to Morocco, where he was joined by Enrique and the two worked together to develop TENCEL™.

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