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Blue Cast: Marzia Lanfranchi Shares Her Sustainability Story

Today in the fashion world, sustainability is commonplace. But not long ago, it was primarily early adopters, or “tree huggers,” sounding the alarms for change.

In the most recent episode of Carved in Blue’s Blue Cast podcast, Lenzing’s Michael Kininmonth chatted with sustainable fashion consultant Marzia Lanfranchi, who works up and down the supply chain with mills, manufacturers and brands. In addition to her consulting work, Marzia is the founder of Cotton Diaries, a community focused on making cotton supply chains more responsible, and she is the intelligence director for Transformers Foundation.

Marzia’s sustainability journey began in her early childhood, with environmental values instilled by her mother. At the age of 6 or 7, she protested outside of a fur store. “When I was younger, I always liked animals and plants more than people,” she said. “And I’ve always felt there was something really wrong about our ways of setting up the system that is centralized, hierarchical and very human centric without taking into consideration the rest that exists.”

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