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Unzipping ‘The Modern Definition of Denim’

Consider it “The Director’s Chair” for the “Modern Definition of Denim”: Carved in Blue is taking you behind the scenes to learn what went into the making of the new video series putting its finger on the pulse of denim today.

Sustainable fashion consultant Marzia Lanfranchi and Angus Dunsire, co-founder of the Pal creative studio, teamed up to deliver storytelling at its finest: a vibrant, energetic and relevant collaboration with a crew of denim’s most influential and interesting voices.

Here, they share how they drew out the industry’s “best blue thinkers,” where they found their inspiration, and the one trend that needs to exit the industry—stat.

Read more at Carved in Blue.

This article is one of a series on Rivet from Lenzing’s Carved in Blue denim blog. From conversations with the experts behind the mills that make some of the world’s most-wanted denim to the global brands bringing novel denim made with TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal branded fibers to the market, Carved in Blue shares the stories of those whose roots run deep with denim. Visit