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Introducing Blue Cast: the Denim Insider Podcast

A conversation with friends and colleagues in the course of a late-night taxi ride during the 2019 Kingpins Amsterdam week spawned what now has become our YouTube channel Blue Lenz. This seemed to be a natural extension of the targeted aim behind our blog Carved in Blue, which is to be a proactive member of the global denim community and producer of TENCEL™ Denim.

During 2020, circumstances conspired to force most of us to be online in order to maintain contact with colleagues, customers and consultants. Whilst populating Blue Lenz throughout 2020 with video content and our “Denim Think Tank” webinar series, we became concerned that many of our contacts were developing symptoms. I still have symptoms, you may have had symptoms—and no, it’s not Covid-19—it’s that new affliction called Zoom fatigue.

So, we thought that the best way to combat Zoom fatigue was to provide a choice by developing a podcast platform. Research suggests that podcasts have a larger reach than webinars, and you don’t have to be in front of a screen to engage with a podcast. A podcast can reach an audience in their car, while they’re cooking dinner, even when they’re walking the dog; podcasts can become a part of listeners’ daily routines.

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This article is one of a series on Rivet from Lenzing’s Carved in Blue denim blog. From conversations with the experts behind the mills that make some of the world’s most-wanted denim to the global brands bringing novel denim made with TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal to the market, Carved in Blue shares the stories of those whose roots run deep with denim. Visit