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This Trendy London Eatery Is Serving Denim Artwork

For some, denim is nothing more than a fabric to cover their body. To others, it’s a canvas that inspires an interactive art exhibition.

Clym Everndon, an artist heavily influenced by fashion, is part of the latter category, having launched Clym’s Coat Check at Sketch London this summer. Sketch is known for its Michelin-starred menu, eclectic decor and for commissioning collaborative projects with artists.

Clym’s Coat Check is a collection of murals featuring upcycled denim. Alongside the denim murals, an animated “folded story” projection plays on loop, depicting jeans, jackets, giraffes and other playful figures included on his murals.

The imaginative concept was inspired by the artist’s fascination with denim, which he calls a “democratic” fabric that everyone can relate to. He called on friends and family to donate their most basic denim—Trucker jackets and narrow, classic jeans that wouldn’t interrupt the artwork—which he could design and feature in his installation.

“The idea of a ‘coat check’ evolved from the action of checking in garments that would eventually be returned to the owner—in this case after the exhibition closes—with one-of-a-kind painted embellishments,” Everndon told Rivet.

There is a total of five painted denim pieces to be discovered among the murals in the installation, and they include an array of men’s, women’s and children’s styles.

While this is his first public-facing installation, Everndon is no stranger to showing his art to the masses. His experience as a fashion designer led him to create campaigns for Michael Kors and Acqua di Parma. With each new project, he strives to push his own boundaries and inspire creativity.

“This exhibition is designed to be unconventional in its format; I never wanted to create an exhibition simply of framed artwork,” he said. “In this way, I hope to broaden people’s imagination and willingness to step outside of the ordinary.”

Clym’s Coat Check is showing until Sept.13.