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Collaboration Drives the Modern Definition of Denim

The community that surrounds denim is like no other: passion for the fabrication brings together some of the most brilliant creative minds on the planet.

Many of today’s denim industry veterans started out as designers with little knowledge of denim, and have evolved into full-on bluebloods with a passion for not just the fabric, but the lifestyle denim inspires. They’re responsible for the next generation—the denim futurists who are starting out in the industry with more options and resources than ever before.

This first film in the Modern Definition of Denim series showcases the future-thinking leaders of the denim world, discussing how the denim “family” collaborates with and inspires one another. What’s the best part of having a denim “family?” Has the denim industry finally faced the music on its environmental sins? How are the newest generations carrying on classic denim traditions?

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This article is one of a series on Rivet from Lenzing’s Carved in Blue denim blog. From conversations with the experts behind the mills that make some of the world’s most-wanted denim to the global brands bringing novel denim made with TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal branded fibers to the market, Carved in Blue shares the stories of those whose roots run deep with denim. Visit