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From Anna Wintour to Police Officers: See Who’s Wearing Jeans in Quarantine

Now that everyone’s spending much more time indoors—and Zoom conferences only capture from the shoulders up—many are reaching for leggings and sweatpants to stay comfortable through isolation.

But for some, not even a global pandemic can make them stray from their trustworthy blues. See which celebrities are remaining loyal to their denim, even while working from home this week.

Why These Two Vogue Editors Work from Home in Jeans

If Vogue writes the playbook on fashion, jeans may be the official isolation uniform. Editors at the magazine agreed that jeans help them feel normal and more in control of current events. They talked about how maintaining a routine—specifically a style routine—is essential to feeling sane during these challenging times. Read more here.

Why Is This Picture of Anna Wintour Wearing Jeans so Comforting?

Anna Wintour recently underscored Vogue’s affinity for denim when she was photographed in a pair of dark wash skinny jeans. The photo, which appeared on the Vogue Instagram, accompanied a quote from an op-ed discussing her emotions surrounding COVID-19 and the heartwarming response from some of fashion’s biggest names. Read more here.

Greensboro Police Go ‘All Denim, All Day’ with Wrangler for April Fools

Wrangler partnered with its local police department to give their uniforms a denim makeover for April Fool’s Day, though they were created for promotional purposes only. In a video posted on the Greensboro Police Department Facebook page, officers donned head-to-toe Wrangler denim while “working” and joked that they’re proud to serve the community “in style.” Watch the full video here.

Bill Belichick Busts Out the Skinny Jeans… For Coronavirus Pep Talk

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick traded his sports attire for blue jeans in a video he posted to the team’s Twitter earlier this week. In the message, he thanked health-care professionals and encouraged individuals to stay at home while the professionals “do their job”—a tagline he’s known to tell his own team. Watch the video here.