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This Denim Art is Appearing Around the World to Thank Essential Workers

An animation of clapping hands made of denim is being projected on landmarks around the world, thanks to artist and Rivet 50 member Ian Berry.

Best known for his unique denim artwork, Berry’s latest display of art honors the essential workers continuing their services throughout the pandemic. The animation replicates how communities around the world join in daily and weekly periods of applause to recognize workers.

Berry originally designed the artwork with denim before transforming it into the animation that is now projected on iconic buildings like Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, Durham Cathedral in England and the Angel of the North in the U.K. It has traveled all over the world, making its way to countries like the U.S. and Australia, and continues its journey.

The animation is available for download on the project’s website,, where people can also contribute personal messages of gratitude and encouragement. Using the hashtag #iclapfor, Instagram users can get involved and share their messages on the platform. Berry also created a special effect in Instagram Stories called “iClapFor” featuring his denim clapping animation.

The project has the potential to raise funds for organizations that support the fight against coronavirus, as the website promotes several organizations that support workers on the front line.

“While clapping is a nice gesture, and has brought many communities together, it is noted that they need money and support,” said Berry. “Let’s use this platform to try and raise some money for charity.”

Those who wish to get involved can visit the project’s website, which includes downloadable imagery to feature in projections, digital billboards and on social media.