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Denim Days: What 3×1 Has Been Up to Lately

If Scott Morrison, president and founder of 3×1 denim, has anything to do with it, the denim industry is going to keep its magic.

While the sector is booming, going mass has meant a little loss of culture from the category, that love for denim that manifests among true bluebloods. But Morrison and 3×1 still have that love.

The label has become a cult favorite and doing denim drops is one way it’s kept up the excitement—both for the brand and its customers—as 3×1 releases new limited-edition styles each month.

Ahead of Denim Days, where 3×1 will be later this week selling TENCEL™ Denim in women’s jeans, Carved in Blue caught up with Scott to get the inside scoop on what to expect from the brand.

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