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Influencers, Actors and Writers Share Their Opinions on Denim

Denim is a universal fabric worn by virtually every demographic, and as such, it’s often a subject of sartorial debate. This week, we compiled the top denim reads that consider the denim views of everyone from a teenage concert-goer, to an A-list celebrity and an op-ed author.

These Four Women Created the Denim Outfit of Their Dreams

Denim Dudes recently worked with manufacturer Soorty on a special workshop featuring four women in the denim industry. Each was tasked with creating the denim outfit of their dreams. Denim influencers Alexis Colby and Ani Wells, photographer Harmony Hendrickx, and Swedish designer Maria Gunnarsson created unique styles that reflect their personal taste. See their creations here.

Aurora Teen’s Video of Concert-Goers in Denim Jackets Goes Viral

If you’ve ever walked into a room and matched a handful of people in it, you’re not alone. Concert-goer Mikayla Algeo recently posted a now-viral video that showed her carefully curated outfit—a denim jacket with black jeans and white sneakers—was a popular selection. She secretly posed with other concert-goers wearing the exact same ensemble and immediately became a TikTok sensation. Watch the video here.

Why Joaquin Phoenix Is Wearing Only One Stella McCartney Tux This Awards Season

Sustainability is not just limited to the denim industry—it’s also making an impact on the red carpet. Golden Globe winner Joaquin Phoenix attended the awards show in a Stella McCartney tuxedo that he plans on wearing throughout this awards season. McCartney, a champion of sustainable fashion and a member of the 2019 Rivet 50, applauded the actor for doing so, calling him a “winner” for a number of reasons. Read up on his sustainably made tux here.

Pricey Jeans Aren’t Welcome Here

You won’t see jeans that cost more than $16 in writer Steve Barnes’ closet. In an op-ed published earlier this week, Barnes called out a number of denim brands for the price of their jeans. What the article doesn’t include are reasons why jeans are priced as such—many of the highlighted brands use sustainable and ethical practices to create their jeans, unlike fast-fashion brands that cut corners in production to make their low price point possible. Read more here.