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Denim Pounds the Pavement at New York Fashion Week

Hot temperatures, humidity and rain didn’t put a damper on the street style at New York Fashion Week. In fact, fashion week goers upped their style game by breaking out fall denim, boots and outerwear to withstand the unpredictable elements.

Breaking away from the svelte skinny jeans that have become part of the fashion week uniform, women embraced bulkier jeans with rigid fabrications. Workwear influences and retro deep cuffs added style to jeans. Prada’s shoe of the moment—the flare wedge—served as the spunky punctuation mark to weighty cargo pocket jeans.

Dark rinse jeans were popped with white top stitching and oversized boiler suits were contrasted with stiletto boots and designer bags.

Wide leg jeans came in many forms, from raver-style jeans worn with tie-dye tops, to drop crotch jeans with double waistbands. Cropped denim jackets with piercings and jeans with slashed legs were among the subversive looks hitting the streets. Wallet chains made an appearance, adding a punk vibe to purple jeans worn with matching purple boots.

Meanwhile, straight cut jeans and mom jeans were common companions to man-tailored blazers.

A parade of high and low accessories connected these diverse denim looks. Dior saddle bags, checkerboards Vans sneakers, YSL cross body bags, Dr. Martens boots and mini Louis Vuitton handbags were popular picks. The week also revealed how tastemakers plan on styling fall’s Western boot trend that’s raring to go: with front slit jean skirts and Americana motifs.