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The Evolution of Kendall Jenner’s Denim Style

Like her supermodel peers, Kendall Jenner loves denim.

Though some remain divided on whether her famous family was an advantage or a detriment to her modeling career, Jenner’s placement among the highest-paid models in the industry is indisputable. She has worked with designers like Calvin Klein, Balmain, Estee Lauder and Adidas, and is typically photographed with fellow models and friends Bella and Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Cara Delevingne—all of whom share her passion for the world’s most democratizing fabric.

Today, Jenner is often seen wearing some variation of straight-leg jeans—a favorite among many supermodels who, despite having unlimited access to the flashiest styles, frequently step out in classic denim. The high-rise, light-wash jean has become a uniform for this group, perhaps for its versatility, and Jenner has been photographed in this look countless times throughout the years. She has paired straight-leg jeans with a hoodie and double-breasted blazer, a cropped top and men’s-inspired coat, and a cropped turtleneck and bomber jacket—each look completely separate from the next.

But it wasn’t always simple straight legs for Jenner. In 2017, she experimented with a distressed pair of boot-cut jeans split down the center to reveal mid-calf-length leather boots.

Similarly, in 2015, she was photographed in Paris with ultra-high-rise, skinny black jeans and a double buckle belt, drawing attention to her equally form-fitting deep V-neck top.That same year, she experimented with varying levels of distressing, wearing low-rise skinny jeans with exposed knees.

One of her most standout denim looks included a black see-through bodysuit with a patch of denim covering her chest and paired with slouchy ripped jeans effortlessly tucked into pointed toe boots—a flashy evening look for a night out in Paris in 2017.