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FIT Graduates on Sustainability, Circularity & Secondhand

For about 15 years, a capstone project at the Fashion Institute of Technology has given students 13 weeks to build a denim brand from scratch—including fabric development and design. Since its start, approximately 1,000 students have participated.

“We expected a lot from the students; we got a lot from the students,” said Jeffrey Silberman, the former chairperson of the Textile Development and Marketing Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

The Denim Project at FIT has also seen a bevy of industry advisors share their expertise with students, helping the next generation. Lenzing has been involved for around the last decade, providing information about our fibers like TENCEL™. “If you can contribute to the education of people in our industry, and not just do a class, but actually commit to a project for a long period of time, then you end up with this, which is the people in our industry who are successful, and you had a small say in their growth,” said Andrew Olah, Kingpins founder and one of the industry sponsors of the FIT program.

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