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Modern Definition of Denim: Video Series Launch

Consumers today are demanding more from their denim than ever before. It needs to be comfortable, functional and perhaps most crucially, it needs to be produced responsibly. So the question is what do industry professionals think about the challenge ahead?

The “Modern Definition of Denim,” a new Carved in Blue video series from TENCEL™ Denim, rallies a dozen industry stalwarts to explore their views, values and future thoughts. With technology and trends ever evolving, can the industry embrace those creative and greener opportunities?

Hear from Andrew Olah, founder of Olah Inc. and Kingpins; Panos Sofianos, business manager for Blue Zone; Tony Tonnaer, founder of Kings of Indigo; Hamit Yenici, president of Hich Solutions; Amy Wang, general manager of Advanced Denim; Miguel Sanchez, founder of Gavilan AD; Jill Lawrence, founder, The Denim Eye; Alberto Candiani, owner, Candiani Denim; Rich Tobin, Kaltex America VP sales and marketing; Michelle Branch, founder, Markt & Twigs; Salli Deighton, denim consultant,; and Adriano Goldschmied, president/founder, House of Gold; to learn why change is vital.

Get a glimpse into the inner thoughts of some of the most knowledgeable jeaners of the day and understand what consumers can expect down the line.

Read more at Carved in Blue.

This article is one of a series on Rivet from Lenzing’s Carved in Blue denim blog. From conversations with the experts behind the mills that make some of the world’s most-wanted denim to the global brands bringing novel denim made with TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal branded fibers to the market, Carved in Blue shares the stories of those whose roots run deep with denim. Visit