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People Tree Talks Ethical Fashion’s Evolution

Fashion circularity is a very real possibility and ethical fashion leaders, including People Tree, are enabling consumers to build up more sustainable wardrobes.

Founded in 1991 by Safia Minney, the London-based fashion retailer designs apparel for minimal environmental impact by incorporating sustainable materials, protecting garment workers and equipping consumers with the garments they need for eco-conscious styling.

The aim, for People Tree, is to elevate ethical fashion. And the timing is right as consumers continue to demand information about who made their clothes, if the workers making the clothes were paid a fair wage and how that apparel production is affected the environment overall.

People Tree currently uses eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton and TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers derived from wood pulp in a closed loop system, in its women’s apparel lineup. For more than 25 years, People Tree has collaborated with Fair Trade cotton farmers, artisans and garment workers, to ensure transparency, fair wages and treatment of individuals involved in its supply chain. What’s more, the company also informs consumers about the environmental markup of their garments so they can assess their contributions to a more circular fashion future.

As the world’s first apparel company to achieve GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and receive the World Fair Trade Organization’s Fair Trade Product Mark, industry members can take cues from People Tree on how to improve fashion’s environmental stance.

Carved in Blue caught up with Minney to discuss ethical fashion’s evolution, eco-friendly material alternatives and what it is really going to take for the industry and consumers to ramp up fashion circularity in upcoming years.

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