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Rivet 50 Radio: Amy Leverton

With trends as diverse as ’60s psychedelia to Y2K’s fixation on futuristic fashion barreling down on denim, it helps to have the expertise of Denim Dudes founder and Rivet 50 member Amy Leverton on your side.

A designer, consultant, trend forecaster, author and overall denim enthusiast Leverton keeps a pulse on what’s next in the global jeanswear market by submersing herself in every aspect of the denim-making process. Through her visits to factories, mills and inside denim archives, Leverton identifies sparks of newness and works with companies like Tonello, Cordura, Levi’s and Vivienne Westwood to bring the ideas to life.

And in the process, she’s helping ease the responsibilities that come with being a designer in a fast-moving, ever-changing industry.

While Leverton says the flood of information and imagery across social media has help her trend research, the role of a designer has become more challenging. Often, she says, designers are forced to condense the time needed to research trends for a season into to a couple of afternoons.

“A designer’s job is so pressured these days,” she said. “You’re really under a lot of pressure to do a lot of research in a short amount of time. With that the case, it is really hard to make sense of it.”

Leverton shares with Rivet 50 Radio how she keeps a fresh eye for what’s next and the brands that are piquing her interest into 2019.

Click here to listen to the full conversation with Amy Leverton.

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