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Slideshow: Kingpins Amsterdam Street Style

A mini heat wave in Amsterdam last week didn’t deter denim heads attending Kingpins Amsterdam from donning their best jeans.

While color denim and styling from ’90s youth subcultures ruled the trends inside, touches of acid wash, Western buckle detailing and pieces with exaggerated cuffs and oversized eyelets were spotted outside the show, confirming that denim is indeed in a fashion cycle.

Women borrowed from the boys, by wearing relaxed fit and wide leg jeans. Jeans were rolled up, pleated, cuffed, deconstructed and two-tone. The bottoms were often paired with slip-on skate sneakers, effortless loafers or slides. Ladies styled the laid-back looks with striped or slogan T-shirts worn under denim overcoats, boxy jean jackets in mid casts and varsity-style toppers with a tomboy vibe.

Men dialed up the details, favoring two-tone jeans, patchwork and repair. The handcrafted, DIY look was also seen in jackets with blanket prints and tops with embroidery. Gucci-inspired embroidery decorated the fronts and backs of Western-inspired bombers and bowling shirts.

Slim black jeans were go-to items for men, especially those sporting statement-making accessories like snake skin boots, silver jewelry or colorful tops. Chinos and cargo pocketing also returned, worn with ecru jean jackets and utility vests befitting an urban explorer.