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#TBT: Informa Markets Men’s Brand Director Jason Peskin is Cherubic in Denim

Throwback photos stir up laughs, memories and—for denim heads—a wealth of vintage denim inspiration. This weekly column on Rivet asks individuals in the denim industry to take a look back and reminisce about a denim moment in time captured on film.

Jason Peskin is the brand director of men’s fashion at Informa, where he curates industry events including Project, Mrket, The Tents and Magic Men’s. He was also the founder and executive producer of Project Ethos, a nationwide fashion, music and art event. But before he got to where he is today, he was just a kid whose mother dressed him in head-to-toe denim.

Raised by two artists, Peskin was exposed to photography and music at an early age. He saw creativity as a business, and that inspired him to get involved in art in a different way. He started out in concerts and nightclubs and later started hosting events that featured fashion. Ever since, he’s been a leader in fashion events.

Jason Peskin, Informa Markets brand director of men’s fashion

It’s 1986, at a park in San Fernando Valley, Calif., and my mom who’s a professional photographer has me dressed head to toe in Lee Jeans while I’m awkwardly posing in front of a giant rock. What were these photos for? No idea. Maybe my mom just loved to take photos and saw me as a good subject. Either way, we have a giant vault of these photos and this is just one of many gems.