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#TBT: Silvia Rancani of The Denim Window Horses Around in Denim

Throwback photos stir up laughs, memories and—for denim heads—a wealth of vintage denim inspiration. This weekly column on Rivet asks individuals in the denim industry to take a look back and reminisce about a denim moment in time captured on film.

This week, Silvia Rancani, owner of The Denim Window, recalls a moment in her past that combined two of her greatest passions: animals and denim. Having recently launched a brand of denim accessories for dogs, it’s clear that not much has changed since this photo.

Born and raised in Italy, she studied fashion design and landed positions at Diesel and Tommy Hilfiger. After years of working in denim product development, she decided to open her own showroom to connect designers with others in the denim industry. The Denim Window is now a go-to hub where people can find denim inspiration, create new connections and launch collaborations.

Silvia Rancani, owner, The Denim Window

This is little Silvia at the age of 7 in 1990.

“In this picture, I was visiting a family friend’s farm. It combines denim and animals, which are two things I still hold dear to my heart,” she said.

“I was living in Verona, Italy with my family and wearing early ’90s rigid stone wash denim complete with a pink smiley print painted on. If I can see correctly, it looks like they also have an elastic waistband. Is there anything more ’90s than that? I wish I still had that pair, though I’m fine with never finding that shirt again!”