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Unsung Hero: Olah Inc.’s Erin Barajas and Her Dedication to Denim

The people behind Olah Inc. and premiere denim event Kingpins are a true all-star team. When every person on the roster is performing at 110 percent, it can be difficult to make sure each person gets the recognition they deserve, and Erin Barajas definitely deserves accolades.

Like many denim-industry experts, Erin, director of communications and special projects at Olah Inc. and Kingpins Media, let her passion for denim drive her blueblood career.

“Erin used to come to Kingpins when we were tiny and having our teeny garden parties in Los Angeles. She was the manufacturing editor for California Apparel News and she was always incredibly charming, good-spirited with a positive genuine interest in learning about what we did and what our show was about,” said Andrew Olah, Olah Inc. and Kingpins founder. “She was essentially always one of the happy moments of our event, and one day she agreed to work with us and bring her spirit and brain and industriousness to the Kingpins Team.”

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