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How US Denim Mills is Creating a More Sustainable Industry with ECO-ZERO

As sustainable fashion in the denim industry becomes more prevalent and the global economic crunch induced by Covid-19 has pushed some manufacturers to revamp their thinking patterns, companies worldwide continue to ramp up their sustainable initiatives and innovations.

Some organizations are creating viability by innovating different products and techniques that carry through the consumers’ preferences for products that are eco-friendly, practical and fashionable in a holistic way.

Taking a cue from the constantly evolving global trends, US Denim Mills, the fabric manufacturing unit of US Apparel & Textiles based in Pakistan, started reviewing every manufacturing step, adding in more sustainable fabric content and processes.

On a journey to make fashion sustainable by “changing mindsets for future-proofing generations to come,” US Denim Mills has created a ​​“revolutionary process,” ECO-ZERO, that’s a “game changer” with “enormous” saving features, said Moeen Akram, director of sales marketing at US Denim Mills. ECO-ZERO is an innovative sustainable process that provides smart usage of water, electricity, and steam to make it eco-friendly for 100 percent of its processes.

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“It took US Denim Mills almost a year of rigorous research and experimentation to develop ECO-ZERO,” he said. “After certification, US Denim Mills officially launched ECO-ZERO at Kingpins in April 2022.”

According to the US Denim Mills team, depleted air and water quality is leading to increased environmental risks and climate change.

“If we quantify these savings, the percentages are phenomenal with 96 percent water, 43 percent electricity and 33 percent steam saving,” Akram said. “This resource-efficient technique helps in creating fabrics with the most sustainable process promising longevity and enhancing the eco-friendly properties of denim fabric.”

ECO-ZERO’s revolutionary benefits

To ensure ECO-ZERO was “authentic and genuine,” BluWin Limited (UK), an integrated service provider, audited ECO-ZERO’s effective consumption of resources against conventional manufacturing practices.

The comparison analyzed multiple parameters including dyestuff, shades percentage, chemical dosing, the weight of yarn, machine speed, fabric weight and width, and more. After the analysis was conducted, it was concluded that ECO-ZERO has more green manufacturing potential as opposed to traditional manufacturing. 

“US Denim Mills took this initiative because we believe in making sustainable products for our customers, end users and community while promoting a lifestyle where we can live and breathe in a safe, pure and hygienic environment,” Akram added.

Being a responsible organization, US Apparel and Textiles believes in “careful usage of resources” by opting for holistic sustainability to the core.

“We try to opt for the best sustainable manufacturing practices at every stage because we are on a mission to make fashion sustainable by changing mindsets for future-proofing generations to come,” Akram said. “We are, and will keep on, rejuvenating ourselves toward the positive contributions to sustainable fashion and a greener future.”  

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