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What Jeanologia’s Sustainable R&D Manager Brings to the Table

When you’ve spent 20 years with one company, growing with it and helping shape it into what it is today, it becomes part of you.

And while Jeanologia R&D sustainable processing manager Begoña García may not always land in the limelight, she has had a substantial impact on the company.

“Undoubtedly, Begoña is the best ambassador for the values of Jeanologia. We have been working together for more than 20 years and together we have built Jeanologia. We have designed and walked together the path of eco-sustainable transformation of the blue jean,” said Jeanologia CEO Enrique Silla.

“The greatest achievement of Begoña has been to provide the industry with the E.I.M., the measurement standard that allows us to measure the progress in eco-sustainability. Her greatest treasure is to keep that smile that accompanies her and that already caught my attention the first day I interviewed her 20 years ago,” Silla said. “And the most important thing is that the best from her is yet to come.”

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