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Lenzing & Jeanologia Challenges Conservative Denim Design

Innovation and creativity go hand in hand in Lenzing’s and Jeanologia’s new collaboration, 4S, debuting at Kingpins Amsterdam, April 13-14.

Based on the core four—softness, stretch, science and sustainability—the men’s and women’s collection aims to stir creativity in the industry by presenting new ways stretch denim can appeal to the premium and eco-conscious consumer.

“We are trying to employ modern fabrics and modern laundry techniques to innovate and create new ideas,” said Michael Kininmonth, project manager from Lenzing, who worked with Jeanologia on the capsule collection. “In the market today you will see indigo styles and non-indigo styles in stretch constructions, but a lot of the finishing is quite conservative. We have tried to challenge that via the themes that run through this collection.”

For the collection Jeanologia Designer Carme Santacruz said she used different washes to show how the fabric performs both in terms of aesthetic and performance. For example, Santacruz said, “Three or four years ago, nobody could have imagined creating men’s fabrics with 30, 40 or 50 percent stretch. We’ve created our men’s styles to look like a traditional vintage jean, but in terms of touch and how they wear, this line is totally different.”

The 4S collection, which utilizes denim from Advance Denim, Atlantic Mills, Blue Diamond, Orta Anadolu and Toray International, is broken into three concepts that tap into ongoing and future trends in the market: Dude Ranchers, Tech Artisans and Deconstructing Denim.

Tech Artisan- 4S Skinny Jean x2

In Dude Ranchers, Jeanologia and Lenzing revisited the American West with a blend of subtle fading, cross-hatch and neppy effects created with laser. Styling details include women’s high waisted flares and a fitted denim jacket with rose and lizard laser designs and decorative side stitches.

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Basic 5-pocket jeans for men and women’s skinny jeans are canvases for a myriad of laser designs inspired by traditional artisan techniques in Tech Artisans. The goal was to create handcrafted looks culled from textile history with modern technology and new digital denim tools. Laser details include shibori and splashed patterns for women and distressed looks for men.

In Deconstructed Denim, Jeanologia culled inspiration from 20th century artistic movements spanning ancient Greek art to pop by applying Cubism-like laser treatments to women’s skinny jeans and playing with shading on high waisted pencil skirts and matching jackets.

The 4S collection is the second joint effort by Lenzing and Jeanologia to promote denim innovations. Last year the duo unveiled a range of chambray garments for women. “We were delighted with the reaction to the “Tencel Day into Night collection”, so much so, that it was a natural choice to continue our partnership with Jeanologia, and like Lenzing they are endeavoring to be leaders in their field for technology and sustainability,” Kininmonth added.