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Advance Denim Prepares New Denim Innovations for 2022, Launches 3D Library

Advance Denim prides itself on being a manufacturer that pushes forward invention and innovation while respecting the past. So while the Covid-19 pandemic has caused disruption throughout the denim industry and has changed the structure of how brands interact with their suppliers, Advance Denim is standing firm on its previous commitments, yet still putting its best foot forward to evolve and develop groundbreaking technologies that benefit the entire supply chain.

The manufacturer is staying put on its pledge to have 90 percent of all fibers used in its denim be eco-friendly green fibers by 2023. Advance Denim is still firmly investing in and offering its recently introduced Big Box dyeing capabilities, which reduce water consumption in the dye process by up to 85 percent, reduces wastewater completely and decreases energy consumption by 25 percent. And on top of that, 100 percent of all indigo used at the Vietnam-based Advance Sico mill will be Archroma aniline-free liquid indigo.

But the company has further in store, looking ahead more than a year out to the Spring/Summer 2022 season. Advance will introduce innovations such as warp-knitted performance fabric, Legacy 3 four-way stretch denim and another collaboration with designer and PG Denim founder Paolo Gnutti that merges the artistry and technology of the East and West into one magical line.

As Advance Denim patiently waits for a pandemic free world, the company is for the first time enabling the support of 3D design among its customers. In the midst of heavy travel restrictions, as many brands are choosing to use cutting-edge cloud-based apparel simulation engines that allow designers to create 3D mockups on their computers in astounding detail, Advance Denim has created the virtual Advance 3D Archive, available within, to support these technologies.

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Advance 3D Archive will support all the major simulation technologies by offering an extensive web-based 3D fabric library. Brand partners can log into Advance 3D Archive, choose the specific style that suits their design objectives, and then download that specially engineered 3D file into their simulation software to design their garments. The fabric will be presented on a 3D mannequin, incorporating all the technological testing data of the style such as shrinkage and stretch to give an ideal view of the finished product.

In concert with cloud garment simulation technologies, Advance 3D Archive will not only shorten lead times, but it will also reduce the need for unnecessary sampling and shipping costs, thus lowering the carbon footprint of the whole design process.

Advance 3D Archive could also be a long-term sustainable solution that reduces the need for so many physical samples and takes one more step toward a more sustainable industry.

While Advance Denim insists that the focus on sustainable manufacturing practices and vintage-inspired styles infused with the latest functional fibers will still be its primary purpose, the creation of the Advance 3D Archive as the first cloud-based 3D denim library in Asia now expands the company’s innovation capacity beyond manufacturing facilities. Additionally, it enables designers across the manufacturer’s different global partner brands to engage with each other.

In a world struggling with a pandemic that is still curtailing travel, creating a streamlined interface with customers and enabling them to use the platform to build layers of intricate detail in 3D garments is essential.

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