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Archroma’s Pakistan Facility Starts Hand Sanitizer Production

The makers of aniline-free indigo and dye derived from agriculture waste is now in the business of producing hand sanitizer.

Color and specialty chemicals company Archroma announced Monday that it has started bulk production on a new range of hand sanitizers called Kieralon HS at its Landhi site in Pakistan. Developed by the R&D team at the Archroma Center of Excellence in Karachi, production for the sanitizer began in May in accordance with the World Health Organization recommendations.

The Kieralon HS range is being produced in different grades and concentrations to eliminate a broad range of germs, bacteria and viruses, to cater for various healthcare and hygiene requirements, the company stated. They also include skin softeners and display non-stick and quick-drying effects for comfort.

The sanitizers are available now in Pakistan, where the number of confirmed cases continue to rise.

Sanitizers are currently in high demand in Pakistan in hospitals, isolation centers, medical institutes and other health care environments. The use of sanitizers has also been made mandatory in all factories, offices and public places, driving the demand even higher, Archroma stated.

“Within Archroma we are cognizant of the acute community need for high quality hygiene products that are also comfortable for users, as hand sanitizers tend to be harsh on the skin, so we took on the challenge to develop and start production in record time,” said Mujtaba Rahim, Archroma Pakistan CEO. “The Archroma team in Pakistan won’t rest in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and hopes this new product will help to stop the spread of the virus and the suffering that it causes.”

Archroma’s move into hand sanitizer is another example of how players across the denim supply chain have and continue to pivot production to address the urgent need for sanitizers and other personal protection equipment (PPE).

In April, the company announced the introduction in Brazil of Mowiplus HPC 9600, a new thickener for sanitizing gels. Archroma is also supporting manufacturers in the production of face masks and medical protective equipment with its antimicrobial and barrier products.