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Artistic Milliners Debuts 100% Natural Dyes Sourced From Soil

The R&D team at Artistic Milliners’ garment division didn’t have to search far for the ingredients in its latest dyeing innovation—the concept was right under their feet.

The Karachi-based vertically integrated denim company recently launched Purecolor, a 100 percent natural and sustainable dyestuff made using dye derived from colorful soils.

Spanning seven nature-inspired colors—from a soft earthy red and sun-kissed shade of yellow, to light blue and brown with gray undertones—Purecolor is a sustainable way to offer on-trend color denim. The technology has high reproducibility, good lightfastness in production and can withstand a minimum of five home launderings, Artistic Milliners stated.

All seven colors in the collection are achieved without the addition of any synthetic chemicals and are fully certified by GOTS and meet the ZDHC MRSL Level 1 certification requirements. With no traces of heavy metals, according to toxicity tests, the company noted that the dyeing solution is safe for babies, children and adult clothing categories.

Artistic Milliners introduces Purecolor.

As a company that produces using solar energy and water recycled through a wastewater treatment plant, Purecolor supports Artistic Milliners’ efforts to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

The natural dyeing solution consumes 50 percent less water and 37 percent less energy compared to standard dyeing techniques with synthetic dyestuffs. Additionally, Purecolor works in combination with Puresoft, Artistic Milliners’ line of 100 percent organic or vegan softeners.

Attaining this level of reproducibility and safety with natural materials has been a long-term project for Artistic Milliners.

“It has been a two-year journey to bring this sustainable technology to the market and it would not be possible without the support and hard work of our teams, vendor partners and most importantly our customers,” said Murtaza Ahmed, Artistic Milliners managing director. “Artistic Milliners remains committed to pioneering sustainable garment finishing solutions for our strategic partners.”