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Browzwear Taps Fashion Snoops to Give Designers a Head Start on Winning Designs

Three months after securing a $35 million funding round and setting intentions for more strategic partnerships, Browzwear is following through.

On Thursday, the 3D digital fashion solutions provider teamed with trend forecasting firm Fashion Snoops to provide 3D blocks of 10 women’s emerging must-haves for Fall/Winter 22-23 to which designers can add their own personal touches. The new feature accelerates the design process and gives companies a head start in creating pieces projected to be a hit.

Timed with the launch, Fashion Snoops published a report outlining each of the trending pieces, which include a bodycon dress, cutout top, dad trouser, dollhouse shirt, duvet puffer, knit skirt set, leather blazer, low rise flare pant, maxi sweater dress, and sweater vest. Emerging trends align with the cozy cabincore theme identified by other trend forecasters like Edited and Trendalytics, further signaling the products’ anticipated popularity.

“Fashion Snoops’ goal is to give fashion companies the tools they need to succeed. Knowing the ‘it’ styles for the next season is part of that, and we’re now able to introduce our customers to new ways of working more efficiently,” said Lilly Berelovich, Fashion Snoops owner. “By partnering with Browzwear, we are bringing to our customers the technology that is powering the future of our industry and making it more sustainable.”

Once pieces are created, designers can export the complete design and tech pack, or all the instructions needed for manufacturing, including specifications for materials, trims and pattern pieces. The 3D renderings themselves can be used in lieu of physical samples through collection development and sales, eliminating waste and shipment delays—two of the fashion industry’s most pressing problems, as it navigates a growing climate crisis and a global supply chain disruption. Designers can use Browzwear’s Stylezone to showcase 3D prototypes, as well as its EcoShot plug-in to simulate 3D garments on photographs of real people.

While Browzwear routinely partners with manufacturers like YKK and Polartec to incorporate their specific products and fabrics, this is the first time the solutions provider has worked with a trend forecaster to develop pre-created blocks on which designers can add their personal design insights and ideas.

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“Partnering with Fashion Snoops allows us to communicate more deeply with our customers and bring the benefits of Fashion Snoops directly into the new world of 3D prototyping,” said Avihay Feld, Browzwear co-founder and co-CEO. “With that 3D prototype, the entire decision-making process can be carried out there and then. Meaning, the entire end-to-end cycle time is shortened dramatically, including the trend prediction within it.”

Digital design has become a necessary step in product development. More than 650 fashion firms such as PVH, VF Corporation and Columbia Sportswear have adopted Browzwear’s technology to streamline design, and other developments beyond Browzwear are gaining momentum. In May, Hong Kong-based digital consultancy Inqova Technologies and Bandicoot Imaging Services, an Australian tech firm, came together to launch Indikon, a 3D digitization solution for denim mills. Through Indikon, mills are able to digitize, download and share virtual fabrics with a high resolution that showcases the fabric’s wash details.

The pandemic accelerated the need for more innovative solutions that bridged the logistical gap between brands and mills, and even after the pandemic is controlled globally, experts are predicting that the advancements will likely continue to progress.

The Browzwear x Fashion Snoops ready-to-use 3D blocks are now available in the Browzwear Cloud Library under “Fashion Snoops” for Browzwear customers and non-customers who opt for a three-month trial of the software.