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Calik Denim Debuts New Sustainable Concepts for Spring/Summer ’22 Collection

To achieve a sustainable business model and turn global risks into opportunities, Calik Denim defined its sustainability strategy as “Passion for Denim, Passion for Life.” Aiming to create a positive impact for a better life with this strategy, Calik Denim is empowered by its passion to become the leading denim producer that triggers the sustainability-driven transformation in the industry. With an understanding that it must answer the needs of a changing world, Calik Denim focuses on three main pillars to achieve its purpose: leading innovative products, creating a positive impact for stakeholders and reducing impact on the environment.

To follow progress on its 2025 sustainability targets and be more transparent to the public, Calik Denim recently published its 2018-2019 Sustainability Report.

Calik Denim is aware of its responsibility to move from a linear business model to a circular approach, which challenges the standard idea of ownership and inspires consumers to shift their shopping behavior. To increase its contribution to circularity, Calik Denim signed the “Denim Deal,” an international coalition founded by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management.

The deal, which also includes global brands such as Mud Jeans, Kuyichi, Kings of Indigo (KOI) and Scotch & Soda, includes a commitment to using a minimum of five percent recycled content in every pair of jeans and creating at least 1 million jeans with 20 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.

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Ever mindful of global trends, Calik Denim aims to create responsible fashion in securing a healthy planet for many generations to come. Being among the world’s leading premium denim manufacturers, Calik Denim develops its business strategy with the goal of driving positive change through increasing environmental sustainability, boosting innovation and starting collaborations and partnerships.

As a part of “Passion for Denim, Passion for Life,” Calik Denim invests heavily in R&D and innovation, which can reduce environmental impact while increasing transparency and traceability. With its new sustainable technologies, Calik Denim makes progress in many present issues by eliminating excessive chemical use, reducing the reliance on energy and natural resources and reducing carbon footprint.

With the Spring/Summer 2022 season getting closer, the company proudly introduces brand new Blue H, E-Denim and Dyepro concepts. Calik Denim also has brought new updates to its Denethic concept, as well as its D-Clear and Washpro technologies.


E-Denim is the newest sustainable product of Calik Denim, developed specifically with circular design in mind.

As the amount of recycled fiber increases in ring yarn production, the yarn’s quality tends to decline. To keep the quality and recycled material content high, Calik Denim uses a big part of recycled yarn as the core with its uniquely developed production method/technology, which also provides traceability for the company. Calik will wrap the core yarn with recycled cotton, and then add recycled Tencel to it to achieve the maximum amount of recycled content that can be technically made in ring spinning.

Therefore, E-Denim has an incomparable structure, thanks to the specially developed and patented sustainable fiber positioned at the center of the yarn. Calik Denim also enhances its overall sustainability performance by using this recycled product with its sustainable production technologies.

Click here to watch the E-Denim video.


Blue H, Calik Denim’s brand new concept, is ready to break new ground in sustainability with the rising demand for hemp. Calik Denim introduces the concept by developing rigid comfort jeans, super stretch jeans and 100 percent stretch jeans out of 20 percent hemp.

Furthermore, thanks to hemp’s antimicrobial properties, it keeps clothes cleaner for longer and prevents them from developing odor-causing bacteria.


Calik Denim’s new sustainability-focused dyeing method, Dyepro, is designed to be completely water free by eliminating wastewater and water usage in the warp dyeing process. No chemical waste occurs during dyeing, as the chemicals are reused.

Dyepro saves a significant amount of resources, supporting eco-conscious production. A new, big step in circularity, it also eliminates need for pre- or post-denim washing processes. This method does not have any color or sulfur restrictions.

Click here to watch the Dyepro video.


The Denethic concept was developed in consideration of the whole supply chain of a denim garment as a means to save resources within fabric production and garment washing.

Since there is an increasing tendency to prepare denim garments with as little as environmental impact as possible (or no impact at all), Calik Denim developed the Denethic technology to produce fabrics that include wash effects without actually washing them after sewing.

Denethic offers three different “looks” for the fabrics: a rinse-washed look, a rinse+enzyme washed look, as well as a bleached look.

Since the fabrics are produced with the wash effects built in, brand partners that want to get clean-look garments can still use them for cut-and-sew purposes. On the other hand, partners who are looking for heavy wash effects for a more vintage denim look can get these effects by laundering with less water, fewer chemicals and less energy compared to the regular denim fabrics.

Denethic-featured fabrics are just the right fit for new laundry technologies to both save resources and achieve the target authentic look.

In the laundry phase, Denethic saves 13 percent water and 16 percent of the time needed to wash the rinse look. The fabric also saves 13 percent water and 30 percent of the time necessary to complete the rinse+enzyme look. The bleached look benefits from the biggest savings of water and time, cutting 35 percent of water used and saving 45 percent of the time needed in the laundry phase.

Click here to watch the video.


Calik Denim’s D-Clear technology offers significant saving opportunities for both the indigo/sulfur dyeing and finishing steps of denim production. Using D-Clear in the indigo/sulfur dyeing process decreases water consumption from 10 liters per kilogram of yarn to six liters, while using it in the finishing process cuts chemicals per liter used from 150 grams to only nine grams.

Additionally, within the finishing process, D-Clear reduces water consumption from 6.4 liters per meter of fabric to just 1.1 liters.

Ultimately, D-Clear technology uses 40 percent less water during the initial indigo dyeing phase, 83 percent less water during denim finishing and decreases the overall chemical use by 94 percent.

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Washpro technology, which initially debuted alongside the Functionage concept fabrics to manufacture Calik’s Autumn/Winter 21-22 denim jeans collection, now applies ViralOff antiviral treatment in partnership with Swedish chemical company Polygiene.

Thanks to this treatment, 99 percent of the viruses are prevented from adhering to the fabric and COVID-19 can be completely deactivated on the fabric within two hours. Although Calik is using the technology for the first time in Turkey, the company believes this will attract great attention as a technology that can prevent COVID-19 globally.

The Washpro technology is offered amid heightened consumer awareness around hygiene, health and wellness. Jeans designed using Washpro feature antimicrobial and self-cleaning properties that help jeans stay fresher for longer and dramatically reduce the need for home washing. In addition, the fabrics are enhanced with DualFx technology to promote long-lasting form and increased comfort.

Beyond hygiene and comfort, Washpro also helps end consumers understand and improve their impact in the sustainability chain by making them more conscious about washing their jeans less.

Washpro is durable for up to 50 household washings as tested during industrial washings.

In addition to the antibacterial properties of this technology, Calik is in the process of developing new fiber innovations that feature more antiviral properties in preparation for any further viral outbreaks.

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