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Calik Denim Updates Mobile App with One-Step Self-Registration

Calik Denim is introducing one-step self-registration within its mobile application to enable users to immediately access the app’s content, whether it be blogs, news, fabrics, trends and more.

With the update, users can now add their own personal information upon opening the app, including name, company, title, email and cell number to create their own password. After users fill in the “Request Invitation” form and create a password, they can access the app without waiting for account approval by Calik Denim.

In updating the app, which was first launched in 2019, Calik Denim is positioning itself not just as a fabric producer, but also as an innovative solution partner for its customers. The app was created to allow customers to explore new trends, match them with relevant Calik Denim fabrics and enable them to request a sample.

The Calik mobile app offers plenty of features, including a blog with articles about the global denim and fashion world, written by leading industry editors and influencers. The blog also includes pieces on the latest denim trends, as well as recent news recommended by Calik.

Additionally, the app offers insight into new technologies and innovations from the Turkish denim manufacturer, such as its proprietary Dyepro water-saving method and E-Denim technology, the latter which is designed to incorporate high levels of recycled fibers into denim without sacrificing quality.

Trends & Tips

The app also includes the latest featured trends and styles for both men and women, encompassing dresses, jackets, jeans, jumpsuits, skirts, tops and shorts. Registrants can search for a specific fabric and filter Calik Denim fabrics according to color, elasticity, weight, construction and finish, then request a sample.

Calik Denim’s latest three collections, which include BluEVASION SS ’23, Sequency AW 22/23 and Bluephilia SS ’22, are showcased within the app. The collections give potential buyers a peek into videos, photos and product information, along with each fabric’s technical details such as weight, width and composition.

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The app also hosts the denim manufacturer’s “Top 5 Fits,” which is a quarterly list that Calik Denim generates divided into geography and gender categories to help viewers make better fabric and style choices.

Another feature called “Wash House” offers information on different “washing recipes,” which are best practices for washing specific denim products manufactured by Calik.

Users can contact customer representatives via the app, which gives the option to reach out via e-mail or telephone.

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