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Calik Denim’s Washpro Technology: Making Jeans Last Longer With Less Washes

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis has already seen significant change throughout the denim industry as both brands and suppliers navigate their way through the pandemic. While there is much uncertainty ahead, Calik Denim uses its extensive experience and innovation to help guide its customers through this unprecedented time and towards a brighter future. Calik Denim’s expert team has been dedicating more resources to research and development to creating thoughtful and functional products that will help to future-proof your business.

The technologies Calik Denim has created which address coronavirus are also tightly aligned with the other great threat to humanity, the environmental crisis.

Washpro Promises Less Home Laundry for Denim Garments

For A/W 21 Calik Denim pushes forward on the committed path of making positive impact, creating and pioneering meaningful change in life, in our industry and in the world we live in.

Calik Denim’s philosophy of “Passion for Denim, Passion for Life,” is built on the idea that making a positive impact creates a better life.

Honoring this ethos, Calik’s latest sustainability-driven innovation Washpro Technology aims to reduce the environmental impact throughout the denim life cycle. The new Washpro technology promises long-lasting freshness for garments, thanks to Calik’s new fiber innovations. With Washpro technology, consumers are required to wash their jeans less throughout the denim garments life cycle. It’s well known that each home laundry requires a lot of water and energy, so Washpro featured fabrics provide significant saving of resources—a perfect remedy for eco-conscious Gen Z consumers who are looking for products with greater intention and longevity. It’s not only time and energy that are saved, however. Washpro technology also helps to reduce microfiber pollution in the oceans because it reduces the number of home laundries needed. The freshness feature offered by Washpro is long-lasting even after industrial laundry treatments.Washpro featured fabrics provide significant saving of resources, a remedy for eco-conscious Gen Z consumers.

Health is the new wealth!

The human impact of the recent pandemic gives a new perspective on consumption habits, so Calik has developed a new series of products that align with the new consumer priorities around limitarianism to the need for protection and comfort. Dialing into this new demand, Calik presents Washpro Technology, a new fiber innovation with heightened awareness around hygiene, health and wellness. The new collection of jeans is designed using Calik’s latest Functionage fabrics, which feature anti-microbial and self-cleaning properties that mean jeans stay fresher for longer and dramatically reduce the need for homewashing. In addition, Calik has enhanced these fabrics with DualFx technology to promote long-lasting form and increased comfort.

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Calik’s Washpro Technology not only serves as daily functional hygiene and comfort but it also helps end consumers understand and improve their impact in the sustainability chain by becoming more conscious about washing their jeans less. Washpro Technology is durable up to 50 household washings as tested during industrial washings. In addition to this technology that provides antibacterial properties, in preparation for any further viral outbreaks, Calik is also in the process of developing new fiber innovations that feature antiviral properties.

Calik Denim continues to run its lab trials and test processes; the results of these developments are expected to be available in the next one to two months.

Washpro Technology is durable up to 50 household washings as tested during industrial washings.

Supply Chain Reshoring Puts Turkey into Focus

Whilst the priority at present is to contain the spread of this deadly virus and help the individuals affected, as an industry we’re all too aware of the impact on the fashion supply chain and our potential over-reliance on Far East production. The disruption is undoubtedly hastening many retailers and suppliers to reassess their supply chains within the global textile industry. It is expected that Turkey will take on an even stronger leading role as a producer beyond the pandemic, especially for countries that are dependent on foreign production. Turkey’s expert history in denim production along with its central position within Europe will make it a crucial proposition for brands and retailers, whose fast-track and capsule collections are dependent on very short lead times and high flexibility from suppliers and factories.

Leverage E-Commerce to Promote Sustainable Fabric Messaging

Enforced isolation has placed a greater importance on e-commerce and how products are viewed and shopped online. Calik’s new Washpro sustainable solutions and hygiene properties go hand-in-hand with the increased focus on digital as it gives brands the opportunity to shout about new material innovation and use the technologies in hero pieces to promote longevity and more sustainable living. Calik’s supply model, fast service and quality are perfectly set up for e-commerce, making it easier for brands to streamline their business.

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