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The Circle Book: Culture.In

Collaboration and circularity are the next frontier in textile and fashion transformation.

By working together, sharing ideas and vision, in 2020 we first created the lookbook and design tool called The Circle Book from the Act Together partnership between TENCEL™, Meidea and Officina+39.

Transparency is the foundation of the entire project, starting from creative ideation, to fibers and fabrics, forward to finishing and onto final garments. We aim, through our actions, to trace a new path in education for future generations of mindful designers. We offer openness of knowledge in order to contribute to a new creative sustainable fashion model based around company collaborations.

This year we’ve expanded the project and we are ready to launch The Circle Book Second Edition in collaboration with an enlarged group of partners—a team with common goals focused on transparency and circularity in denim design. The additional partners include: Calik Denim, Crafil, DrBock+RGT, Ribbontex, Spring85, and Tejidos Royo.

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