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Crystal Denim Launches Carbon Footprint Calculator for Climate Action

Crystal International Group Limited has always been a leader of sustainable development in the garment manufacturing industry. Now, addressing the need for even better manufacturing practices, the denim division of Crystal International—Crystal Denim—is stepping up its sustainable journey and strategies.

With the foresight of the sustainability needs for denim community, Crystal Denim is committed to taking multiple actions to lower environmental impact from a manufacturing perspective, with the focus on the reduction of carbon emissions.

Several phases with a multi-pronged approach will be taken to escalate the development of sustainable denim. Crystal Denim is running a beta test of a carbon footprint calculator to track carbon emissions of a single denim product throughout the entire denim manufacturing process, including garment sewing, washing and finishing.

“We are dedicated to design and produce zero-carbon jeans, and the first step we need to do is to put our manufacturing processes in the measurement, identification and evaluation of the environmental impact, and then visualize it with a transparent principle,” said Miles Lam, assistant general manager of product development of Crystal Denim.

This tool, which will primarily serve an educational purpose, is expected to be rolled out in 2022. Emissions from manufacturing processes and emissions from general utilities of manufacturing facilities will be counted in the model by two phases, respectively.

“It is essential that all industry peers join hands to tackle climate change,” added Lam.

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To do so, the carbon footprint calculator, when launched, will be open to public access.

Through the platform, Crystal Denim aims to boost public attention and understanding of denim production’s environmental impact, as well as the company’s reduction strategy. Through this opportunity, the public will be able to learn more about the entire manufacturing process of denim products overall.

Secondly, Crystal Denim is accelerating responsible action to minimize its own environmental impact. With the ambition to expand renewable energy as a strategy toward group-wide decarbonization, the company’s denim factories in Vietnam and Cambodia are planning to install solar photovoltaic systems into sustainable facilities.

Crystal Denim will be unveiling a sneak peek of its sustainable acts next year—including collaborations with other industry peers along the supply chain, aiming to innovate 100-percent sustainable materials, work on different closed-loop and upcycling projects for fashion circularity, expand digitalization for a 3D virtual journey, enhance low-carbon initiatives in manufacturing facilities, and drive for greener washing and finishing processes.

All initiatives tie into one important belief—that it is possible to make zero environmental impact jeans for the world and create a greener fashion future.

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