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Denim’s Mea Culpa: How the Industry is Atoning for its Past Sustainability Sins

Sustainability makes the difference between good and bad. We are made for good.”

These words from Adriano Goldschmied—the godfather of denim—represent the perfect encapsulation of the denim industry’s modern-day mission. Accepting responsibility for its part in causing incalculable damage to the environment, today’s denim brands, manufacturers and retailers are more vocal than ever on what’s required to advance sustainability.

While the importance of sustainable and responsible production is spreading throughout the entire apparel industry, denim’s legacy as a durable, long-lasting fabric uniquely positions it as the poster child for circular fashion. But even when today’s designers are committed to creating with greener materials, the challenges of implementing new processes and systems are tripping up potential progress.

Jean Therapy, the Denim Sustainability Report produced by Rivet magazine, talks with today’s industry leaders to explore the progress and problems of sustainability in the denim supply chain.

Download the report to learn:

  • The newest dyeing and material innovations that are delivering blue while staying green
  • Why denim circularity remains an uphill battle
  • The aggressive goals—and public commitments—being set by brands and suppliers
  • How trim companies are doing their part to create ethically made collections, down to the tiniest detail
  • The growing role of denim re-commerce, including expectations on consumer acceptance
  • The advancements in laser technology that are transforming production
  • How the entire industry is decreasing chemical usage, reducing carbon emissions and protecting worker’s rights
  • What we can expect on this (extremely) long road to environmental recovery

Click to download Jean Therapy, the Denim Sustainability Report.