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Design Students Desire Positive Impact Beyond Their Denim Creations

What could the denim industry look like in the coming years? The young masterminds behind Lenzing’s Sustainable Denim Wardrobe (SDW) can offer some insight into how jeans will be designed for the eco-conscious and tech-savvy consumer in the future.

The group of students, who attend Escola d’Art Superior de Disseny de Valencia in Spain recently co-developed this year’s SDW capsule collection under the direction of course leader Tonuca Benlloch, created in collaboration with Jeanologia. Blues & Hues, which recently made its debut at Kingpins Amsterdam, was designed to promote more sustainable consumption among consumers and enforce more collaborative circular economy efforts in the denim sector.

Using sustainable materials, including TENCEL™ Lyocell, TENCEL™ Modal, TENCEL™ Luxe, TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™ Lyocell and LENZING™ Modal Color fibers, the students provided their own interpretations of serendipitous denim fashion for men and women.

Carved in Blue caught up with seven students, including Vicent Benavent, Grisell Carballo, Lorena García Carsi, María Manrique, Leticia Navarro, Carmen Pastoriza Gómez and Tania Tommasi to discuss the SDW collection, design inspiration, why circularity will continue to helm the denim industry moving forward and how they will cater to the future’s tech-savvy and eco-minded consumer at a time of evolving habits, disruption and uncertainty.

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