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DNM Denim’s New Fabric Collection Balances Shaping Power and Comfort

A new product from DNM Denim and The Lycra Company provides an all-in-one solution for several common gripes about stretch denim.

The Turkish denim mill’s new fabric collection called Shaped’N Relaxed brings together Lycra Beauty technology and Lycra Freefit technology to offer customers “customized shaping” as well as increased fit forgiveness and comfort.

On paper, the technologies are opposing forces, however, together they result in a fabric that merges comfort with lower-pressure shaping. The fabrics are knitted with an open structure that creates a soft and gentle stretch, making it applicable to various types of shaping garments.

Offering a product with just the right level of shaping power and comfort stretch for the design can result in a more satisfied consumer.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the performance of denim fabric and thanks to this smart collaboration with The Lycra Company, we can now offer our customers a new generation stretch fabric, with a unique set of technologies that can provide stretch and extra support to areas where it is needed,” said Gokhan Unsal, DNM Denim deputy general manager.

Additionally, the Shaped’N Relaxed collection is made with sustainable cotton and can be weaved with Lycra EcoMade and Lycra T400 EcoMade fibers to address the growing demand for jeans made with sustainable alternatives.

Shaped’N Relaxed is intended to help simplify fabric selection for designers as well. The collection offers gradient levels of stretch and fit, detailed for each fabric on a comfort map and developed after testing by The Lycra company.

This helps designers to choose the perfect fabric for their garment needs, which helps to avoid costly mistakes and helps to create differentiation and prominence on the shelf, The Lycra Company stated.

Products backed by fabric power and comfort testing may also help reduce the volume of online returns—a problem that is only magnified in an era of digitally driven quarantine shopping.

“To help brands and manufacturers meet the consumer’s demands, we needed to push the boundaries of denim innovation,” said Cem Karaboga, sales manager for The Lycra Company. “Using DNM Denim mill’s weaving knowledge and expertise to extract the best out of our denim technologies, we created a breakthrough fabric design that provides brands and retailers with an all-in-one solution that addresses consumer’s need for fit, especially important in today’s online retail environment.”