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Dondup Teams With Candiani for Sustainable D/Zero Collection

Italian apparel brand Dondup has collaborated with sustainable denim mill Candiani for D/Zero, an innovative capsule collection bowing on Monday.

The D/Zero line comprises six pieces that interpret key staples of the Dondup collections through three core principles: Made in Italy, sustainable fabrics and low-impact washes.

With more than 2.7 billion meters of fabric produced annually worldwide, the environmental toll of the denim industry is significant, requiring high volumes of water, energy and chemicals in cotton agriculture, and in the dyeing and finishing phases of production.

“The D/Zero capsule collection is the perfect union between tradition and innovation, promoting a classic Italian aesthetic while offering a greener alternative to conventional denim manufacturing,” Chicco Barina, head of design at Dondup, said. “As the leader in sustainable denim production, Candiani was the perfect partner for this collaboration. We went to see their factory and were just so amazed by their approach to sustainability.”

All fabrics in the D/Zero collection are dyed using a range of innovative methods Candiani has developed as part of its 360-degree approach to sustainability. Among the proprietary methods is Indigo Juice, an in-house dyeing technology that reduces the consumption of water, chemicals and energy in the fabric production and laundry process compared to standard denim.

In the dyeing process, the fabric is treated using Kitotex technology, a natural and biodegradable materials derived by recycling shellfish shells and other elements found in nature. The shells contain a polymer, Chitosan, that helps stick the dyes to the fabric, eliminating chemicals that are traditionally used.

Kitotex also allows Candiani to cut down on water, energy and chemicals in the fabric production process and offers health benefits thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-static properties. Candiani said the combination of these technologies has allowed it to create a new standard for easy-fade denim that save 75 percent of water and 65 percent of chemicals in the fabric production and wash process.

“Using low impact dyeing and finishing processes that minimize the environmental footprint of denim production is crucial for us,” Alberto Candiani, global manager for the company, said. “We see sustainability as the ultimate and most refined expression of denim culture.

The collection will be available in more than 100 stores worldwide, including Dondup flagship store in Milan. The line sells for 190 to 260 euros ($214 to $293), just as the brand’s regular selection.